Many pet owners are moving toward a homemade diet for their furry family members, knowing that food that doesn’t come from a commercial manufacturing plant is vastly superior. With the advent of salmonella poisoning, toxins in the foods from China, and pet food recalls (even from American brands) making the news recently, it is difficult at best to know what to do. Now that you have found Gourmutt’s Beastro, you can put your mind at ease. We are also dog owners who want the best of everything for our family Gourmutts. We understand that dog owners want to control the ingredients their pets eat. They want to eliminate preservatives, fillers, by-products (another term for foods that are not fit for human consumption), and empty calories. There is documented evidence to show that, done properly, homemade dog food can potentially outshine even the best kibble on to the marketplace, and Gourmutt Beastro wants to be your trusted partner in your precious dog’s nutrition.

Gourmutt Beastro offers many entrees for your Gourmutt’s dining pleasure. We include beef, chicken, vegetarian, vegan, fish, and lamb dishes as well as kibble “toppers” that will make any furry foody eat the dry food they have been doggedly avoiding. We also include lower calorie dishes for that pudgie poochie, soft foods for the older dogs, and raw foods for those that prefer uncooked diets. We make our beef and chicken jerky fresh weekly and proudly use only American sourced meats, vegetables, and fish.

All of our cooked and raw foods are vacuum packed and freshly frozen to provide high quality and preservation of nutrients and food texture. Gourmutt Beastro would be happy to work with your vet or canine nutritionist to develop a customized food that will meet your dog’s nutritional and health needs.